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    题目:请以“Everyone Needs Help”为题,写一篇不少于60单词的'作文。

    Everyone Needs Help

    1 Did you get any help from others?

    2 Did you give any help to people when they needed?

    3 Tell your story


    In our daily life, we are dealing with different kinds of people, no matter at home, in school, or at some other places. Everyone needs help, I think. And only who are willing to help others will also be helped.


    One day I saw a little girl in the street carrying a heavy schoolbag on her back. She was walking happily.


    Then suddenly an old man fell down while he was crossing a street. She ran towards him at once, but she was too short to help him to stand. I helped her and we together brought the old man to safety. He thanked us over and over. I think the little girl was, though very young, a very warm-hearted person.


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